Kiss me!


Come and blow me a kiss at one of my upcoming events!

April 17: Portland Tweet Up

April 21: Fido and Fluffy Flea Market

April 27, 28: Plucky Maiden’s Junk fest

 May 3:MOPS Speaking Engagement

May 5: No Mama Drama Shopping Spree

May 11: Private Event

May 12: Boeckman Creek Bazaar  

May 19: Keeping it Local Fair

 June 22: Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival


Where the Hell Did You Go?

I didn’t pass on, I promise! I’ve been busy in my studio concocting and doing my evil laugh.  Oh and developing new business partnerships!  More to come on that later.  Check out these quirky Vintage bouquets I whipped up!  ImageImageImageImage

Why oh why?

Why Should I come to a Pierced Zebra Party?

Each piece is one-of-a-kind…literally! This is not mass produced jewelry.

 If you like a piece, you walk away with it THAT night, no waiting, order forms or hassles.

 There are absolutely no sales pitches!   Just come hang out with good friends and browse through humorous designs while sipping tea or coffee or something sassier.

 The designs are quirky and created with upcycled objects, vintage jewelry and steel hardware.

 Pierced Zebra Jewelry is brazenly whimsical, sometimes edgy and often hilarious!

 The greeting cards are designed using vintage advertisements and funky paper products.

 Where else will you find a tea cup ring, earrings made with nuts and bolts or flip flops with blingy spiders?

 The best part?  Pierced Zebra Jewelry and Quirky Gifts is partnered with Called to Rescue, a local organization that combats human trafficking.  A percentage of party sales go toward free jewelry classes for young girls rescued from sex trafficking…and provides job opportunities for the older ones.  It’s quirky jewelry with a humanitarian edge!

Spring Events

Wondering where Pierced Zebra will be over the next few months? Here are some of our NON-Home Party Events.  Hope to see you  at one or more of them.   Of course, you can always host a party and have Pierced Zebra in your home.  Come on, I know you’ve been thinking about it! ; )

Tuesday, Jan. 31:  Portland Tweet-up

Friday, Saturday Feb. 3, 4:  Funky Junk Sisters “Junk Salvation”, Hillsboro
Sunday, Feb. 5:  Bargain Hunting Event at Crystal Ballroom
Saturday March 24:  McMenamins Spring Bazaar, Wilsonville
Friday and Saturday, April 6, 7:  Club Sport Trunk Show, Tigard
Friday and Saturday, April 27, 28:  Plucky Maiden’s Junk Fest, Portland Airport


Here  are some pictures from our sassy open house!  Some were taken in our studio space, others were snapped in the conference room down the hall.  It was a success, better than expected.  Fans of Pierced Zebra rock!!!

I'm such a dork!

the mini-boutique section of the studio...thankfully it blocks the view of my incredibly messy creative space!

conference room

super yummy snacks in the conference room!

Called to Rescue

I’ll post pictures soon from the open house–it was such a fabulous success.  I’m blown away by the amount of amazing people who support Pierced Zebra!  However, before I put up pictures, I want to encourage you to check out the organization we are partnering with to fight human trafficking: Called to Rescue.

The founder is a sassy lady who is helping so many hurting girls! Go check out her story.


Open House

Woot woot! Pierced Zebra’s Studio is alive and vibrant!

Now we want to show you.  For the first time ever,  see every single Pierced Zebra creation at our Open House.

Pierced Zebra Jewelry and Quirky Gifts

Open House

Friday January 13th, 9:30am to 2pm

Saturday January 14th, 10am to 7pm

Drinks, prizes, yummy food and OF COURSE, whimsical creations!

8855 SW Holly St., Suite 121, Wilsonville, OR 97070

Want to schedule a large group visit?  piercedzebra at yahoo dot com

Mission Statement

Wondering what we’re doing at Pierced Zebra Jewelry and Quirky Gifts??  Here’s our 2012 Mission Statement!

We believe in creating quirky jewelry and gifts from vintage finds, discarded hardware and other sassy products that inspire us. We heart upcycling, recycling and transforming “junk” into bits of magic! We obsess over creating something lovely out of something ignored and disliked. We believe… these unique products will put food on the tables of women in need, hope into the souls of girls imprisoned in human trafficking, and help provide income for moms who need to stay at home with their little ones. We believe that Pierced Zebra Jewelry and Quirky Gifts will encourage the hearts and minds of women stuck in their lonely places, because we know that everything is made beautiful in its time…even nuts, bolts, washers and a secretly creative woman!

Flip Flops in December!

Come check out my new flip flops with spiders, nuts and bolts at the Club Sport Trunk Show in Tualatin. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 2-3, 9am to noon.  You can see pictures on   

On a sassy note: We are welcoming our second Party Coordinator to the “Dazzle”. Her name is Tanya and she’s going to rock in Vancouver, WA! 

Wondering what Dazzle means? It turns out that a group of zebras is sometimes called a Dazzle! How freaking appropriate and awesome is that??

Happy Shopping!



After a mere 16 months of business I have hired my first employee.  Yikes!!  It’s good and bad.  Good–because this means business is decent. Bad-because, gulp, can I do this?  I have no idea! Only time will tell.  But, enough of my insecurities. Welcome to the team, Krystal, Pierced Zebra’s new Event Representative. Sooooo very happy to have you.  Don’t let the Kraziness kill ya!